Nauset Marsh On Cape Cod: Two Perspectives

I was hiking on the trail at Fort Hill by the water’s edge yesterday morning when I noticed that it was really low tide. I had never seen it that low there. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

Usually at low tide I can see the first 3 taller rocks jutting out from the shore but there were  so many more that you could see. And I don’t remember ever seeing such a large sandbar behind the rocks. Wow!

I couldn’t decide which photograph I liked better: the one with the water and sand in the foreground or the one with the beach grass. What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Nauset Marsh On Cape Cod: Two Perspectives”

  1. While I very much like the clear shallow water in the foreground of one photo, I also like the panoramic feeling of the photo with the beach grass. The building (lighthouse?) in the distance is clearer, too.

  2. Wow, Mel, both of these are so pretty!! I love them both equally.
    The beach grass presents such a lovely pattern of swirls and tufts.

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