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Nauset Marsh On Cape Cod: Two Perspectives

I was hiking on the trail at Fort Hill by the water’s edge yesterday morning when I noticed that it was really low tide. I had never seen it that low there. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

Usually at low tide I can see the first 3 taller rocks jutting out from the shore but there were  so many more that you could see. And I don’t remember ever seeing such a large sandbar behind the rocks. Wow!

I couldn’t decide which photograph I liked better: the one with the water and sand in the foreground or the one with the beach grass. What do you think?


Nauset Marsh From Fort Hill On Cape Cod.

The views of Nauset Marsh from Fort Hill, looking out toward Coast Guard Station are spectacular. You can see so much more now that they’ve pruned many of the the bushes along the Fort Hill Trail.

Love the blue sky and the blue waters. What do you think?