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Still Warm Enough For A Picnic At Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod!


This past week was unbelievably warm here on Cape Cod. It was such a treat to wear  shorts and a t-shirt, take a long walk on Coast Guard Beach to Nauset Spit and take a few long bike rides. Before our walk on Coast Guard Beach the other day, we had a wonderful picnic at one of our favorite picnic tables overlooking Nauset Marsh.

It doesn’t get much better, especially in October!

Evening At Hemenway Landing In Eastham On Cape Cod


It was a gorgeous evening for a walk at Fort Hill to Hemenway Landing. I sat on the bench for a bit just enjoying the view of Nauset Marsh.  I was surprised at all the boats anchored in the water and on shore.

Colorful, don’t you think?

Another Gorgeous Kayaking Day On Cape Cod


It was another picture-perfect day for kayaking the Nauset Marsh out to Nauset Spit. We launched from Goose Hummock, so it was a nice long paddle. And yes, we did see a few seals along the way.

We remembered our folding seats that fit in the hatch, so that was a big treat at lunchtime. Just sit down, relax and enjoy those last days of summer.

It doesn’t get much prettier!

Glorious Day To Kayak Nauset Marsh On Cape Cod


Yesterday was the perfect day to kayak Nauset Marsh…or any place… on Cape Cod. The weather was perfect… sunny and warm and hardly a ripple on the water.

We launched from Hemenway Landing on Nauset Marsh and were able to paddle out to Nauset Spit the “back way” by Coast Guard Station because it was high tide. At low tide, you cannot get through with all of the sandbars. The water is way too low, even for a kayak.

It was beautiful and we saw lots of different shore birds from Egrets and Great Blue Herons and Cormorants and Sanderlings and Yellowlegs and more. As we neared Nauset Spit we could see some heads bobbing in the water and then a quick splash and a dive under. Yes, the seals were swimming in Nauset Marsh near Nauset Spit. Hopefully the Great Whites won’t follow them in…

An awesome time to get lost in the beauty of Nauset Marsh and everything it has to offer!

Sit On This Bench At Fort Hill And Relax On Cape Cod


This is one of my favorite places to sit and relax and enjoy the spectacular views of Nauset Marsh and out onto the ocean. There is always so much to see and hear as it is ever-changing.

Have you ever sat on this bench? It doesn’t get much better! I loved the evening sun on the high grass… so pretty!

Great place for a picnic if you’re in the area!