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This View At Fort Hill On Cape Cod Never Gets Old.

When we lived in the mountains of Colorado, it was just gorgeous but we rarely saw any clouds in the sky. It was always sunny.

The first thing I remarked on when we moved to the Cape were the beautiful clouds. Every day is different and every sky is different.

I never get sick of this view of Nauset Marsh looking out toward Coast Guard Station from Fort Hill. I love the clouds along the horizon over the water.

Make Your Own “First Day Hike Of 2023” On Cape Cod.

Maybe this hike on the Nauset Marsh Trail can be your own “First Day Hike of 2023.”

“Massachusetts is known for starting revolutions, so on Jan. 1, 1992, when 380 people gathered for the premier First Day Hike at the Blue Hills Reservation it is no surprise that this Massachusetts outdoor initiative swept the nation,” the agency said. “DCR celebrates over 30 years of this tradition in Massachusetts.  Today, all 50 states are offering First Day Hikes in state parks across the country!”

Nauset Marsh Trail is a gorgeous hike around the salt pond and Nauset Marsh and the through the beautiful woods back to the visitor’s center. It doesn’t get much prettier!