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Lobster Boat Moored In Nauset Marsh On Cape Cod


I’ve never seen a larger boat like this lobster boat moored in Nauset Marsh, so I was a little surprised to see it moored in the middle of the channel. The channel must be deep enough to allow a bit this size to moor there.

I took this photograph from Fort Hll looking out toward Coast Guard Station in the distance. I thought it made such a nice, colorful photograph. What do you think?


Dancing White Egret At Nauset Marsh By Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod


I was hoping to get a good photograph of this Egret as it was fishing in Nauset Marsh by Coast Guard Station. And then he looked like he was going to fly away so I clicked and this is what I got!

It looks like he is doing a ballet in the water. Pretty cool, don’t you think?

Wild Turkey Loving The Trails At Fort Hill On Cape Cod


It was hilarious to see a Wild Turkey hiking the trails at Fort Hill. He followed  right along the side of the trail as if he knew the rules of a hiker. So funny!

Phil and I hiked down the Red Maple Swamp Trail over the boardwalk to Hemenway Landing. There is a bench there that overlooks Nauset Marsh that we love to sit on and watch whatever is going on., the birds, the boats, the clam diggers… There is always something going on.

Well, we were enjoying ourselves as the day was spectacular when along comes this Turkey! How did he get there? And he was still hiking along the side of the trail! It’s quite a distance away from where we saw him last.

And then we wondered if it was the same Wild Turkey that has been hanging out at our house… maybe he followed us?  🙂


Beautiful Greater Yellowlegs At Hemenway Landing On Cape Cod


Phil and I had just taken a hike at Fort Hill when we stopped at one of our favorite benches at Hemenway Landing, also part of the National Seashore. It looks out over Nauset Marsh and you can see Coast Guard Station in the distance.

All of a sudden we heard a familiar call and looked up to see two Greater Yellowlegs land in the marsh in front of us. It’s the first ones we’ve seen this year. Such a treat!

Beautiful yellow legs and feet, don’t you think?