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Beautiful View From Indian Rock At Fort Hill On Cape Cod.


It was the perfect day to take a hike along one of Fort Hill’s many trails. This trail leads up to Skiff Hill which has an overlook of Nauset Marsh with Coast Guard Beach in the distance.

It is also the site of the “Indian Rock,” which  a large boulder moved to the hill from the marsh below. “Once used by the local Nauset tribe as a sharpening stone, the rock is cut with deep grooves and smoothed in circles where ax heads were whetted.”

Such a beautiful place, don’t you think?


Nauset Marsh From Fort Hill On Cape Cod.


The views of Nauset Marsh from Fort Hill, looking out toward Coast Guard Station are spectacular. You can see so much more now that they’ve pruned many of the the bushes along the Fort Hill Trail.

Love the blue sky and the blue waters. What do you think?

Gorgeous Sky Across Nauset Marsh On Cape Cod.


The walk from Doane Rock to Coast Guard Beach was spectacular the other day. I love the little trail along Nauset Marsh and across the small boardwalk. The blue, blue sky was so beautiful looking toward Coast Guard Station in the distance.

What do you think?


Morning Hike On Nauset Trail On Cape Cod.


Yesterday morning was so pretty on  the Nauset Trail by the Salt Pond and Nauset Marsh in Eastham. The forecast was cloudy but we managed to see a few bits of sunshine poke through the clouds.

I thought this photograph was so pretty with the sky so blue. What do you think?

Within a half an hour, there was no sun to be seen.



Fort Hill On Cape Cod Is Awesome Any Time Of The Year!


Fort Hill, part of the National Seashore,  is a wonderful place to go… any time of the year. You can hike or walk or sit on the bench and enjoy those spectacular views of Nauset Marsh.

You can take a walk on the boardwalk across Red Maple Swamp down to Hemenway Landing and see the boats going in or out.

Fort Hill is always a special place… any time of the year.