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The Cattails Were Huge Overlooking Nauset Marsh On Cape Cod.


I love the hike from Doane Rock to Coast Guard Beach and the little off-shoot trail that overlooks Nauset Marsh. I thought this was such a cool photograph of the tall cattails with Nauset Marsh and Nauset Beach in the background.

And then I was editing it with my new camera and couldn’t decide which one I liked better. What do you think?

Loved This Great Blue Heron Stalking His Next Meal On Cape Cod.


The Great Blue Heron is my very favorite bird! I love its features and the majestic way it moves. We were walking the Salt Pond Trail and saw this Great Blue looking for his next meal.

Beautiful bird, don’t you think?

The Bridge To Coast Guard Beach From Doane Rock On Cape Cod.


One of my favorite walks is the one from Doane Rock to Coast Guard Beach, any time, any day. It is always spectacular!

I loved this photograph of the bridge looking back over Nauset Marsh. The colors were so pretty.

So pretty, don’t you think?

Eight Great Blue Herons On Nauset Marsh On Cape Cod.


There was a huge flock of birds out on Nauset Marsh, part of the National Seashore,  the other day. Many were Double-Crested Cormorants with some Seagulls and Egrets mixed in.

I was so surprised when I got home and counted 8 Great Blue Herons on the far shore. I wonder what brought them all together…

I had never seen that many together before. Have you?

Pretty Damselfly At Fort Hill On Cape Cod.


Walking along the trail by Nauset Marsh at Fort Hill I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. I stopped and started photographing, thinking it was a dragonfly of some sort. This lady happened to be passing by and stopped and looked and said, “Oh, a Damselfly.” I said, “Oh good, now I know what it is!”

I did a bit of research on the internet and found that:

There are four details that even the most inexperienced bug watcher can use to identify if the insect is a dragonfly or a damselfly. They are the eyes, body shape, wing shape and position of the wings at rest.

Dragonflies have much larger eyes than damselflies, with the eyes taking up most of the head as they wrap around from the side to the front of the face. The eyes of a damselfly are large, but there is always a gap of space between them.

Dragonflies have bulkier bodies than damselflies, with a shorter, thicker appearance. Damselflies have a body made like the narrowest of twigs, whereas dragonflies have a bit of heft.

Both dragonflies and damselflies have two sets of wings, but they have different shapes. Dragonflies have hind wings that broaden at the base, and which makes them larger than the front set of wings. Damselflies have wings that are the same size and shape for both sets, and they also taper down as they join the body, becoming quite narrow as they connect.

Finally, you can spot the difference when the insect is at rest. Dragonflies hold their wings out perpendicular to their bodies when resting, like an airplane. Damselflies fold their wings up and hold them together across the top of their backs.”

Now that is pretty cool, don’t you think?

Fall Kayakers At Nauset Marsh On Cape Cod.


It was a perfect fall day to go kayaking at Nauset Marsh, part of the National Seashore. I loved the coloring with the sun on the tandem kayak and the deep blue water of the saltmarsh. You can see Nauset Spit in the background.

Pretty, don’t you think?