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Pamet Harbor In Truro On Cape Cod.

We had never been to Pamet Harbor, so we took a ride up there the other day. It was so pretty with their vast beaches and secluded salt marshes and this beautiful dock that extended way out into the harbor.

It must look so different in season when it is crowded with boats and people. You can see all of the moorings waiting for their boats…

Kite Surfers At First Encounter Beach On Cape Cod.

Yesterday was very windy and and the kite surfers were brightening up the sky with their multi-colored kites by the salt marsh at First Encounter Beach. They were a sight to see!

It was fun just to watch their different moves as they sailed by each other. Did you get to see them yesterday?

Three Seals At Boat Meadow Beach On Cape Cod!

I’ve never seen a seal at Boat Meadow Beach, so I was very surprised when I looked out at high tide on Wednesday morning and saw three seals swimming about. They stayed for quite a while. I wonder if the high, high tide had brought them in closer to shore. I hope they left before low tide came…

And then yesterday morning, they were back again at high tide, swimming around by Boat Meadow.

Have you ever seen a seal at Boat Meadow Beach?