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Crazy, High Tide On Cape Cod Yesterday!

With the three major storms this past week and heavy rain and wind, the tides have been huge! Yesterday was quite an adventure! (Click on blog link for other photos.)

Bridge Rd. was closed about an hour before high tide as the salt marsh washed over the road.

At Rock Harbor, Young’s Seafood Market had lots of water in the parking lot and the road behind it was flooded.

You can see the water rising up by the launch area and into the parking lot as the tide came in. Wow! Crazy tides lately!

When It’s Windy On Cape Cod, There’s Kite Surfers!

It was so much fun watching these kite surfers strutting their stuff out on Cape Cod Bay and the salt marsh behind First Encounter Beach. (Click on blog link for other  photos.)

Some of them were so high in the sky, I couldn’t get them and their kites in one frame.

So cool and so much fun to watch!