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Lots Of Paddle-Surfers Yesterday At Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod!

What a glorious spring day yesterday was at Coast Guard Beach! The weather was a balmy 43 degrees with a light breeze and sunny, sunny skies. We counted 18 paddle-surfers in the water looking for that perfect wave.

It’s the first day that we’ve been to Coast Guard Beach in over a month because of freezing temps and high winds. It was perfect and I’m sure the paddle-surfers thought so too. The waves were big and noisy and fun to ride. Perfect for the first day of spring.

Paddle Surfing On Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod!

Yesterday was a glorious day on Cape Cod! It was sunny and warm and the waves were cranking. Summer is still with us!

There were a few surfers trying to catch a wave at Coast Guard Beach but this paddle surfer caught one when I was there.

Enjoy this gorgeous weather… for a while longer!


The Surf Was Up At Nauset Light Beach On Cape Cod!

The waves were perfect for surfing at Nauset Light Beach in Eastham and the surfers were out trying to catch that “perfect wave.”

It was great fun watching them all, especially on a cold, windy day in the middle of winter. Dedication!

Great Day For Surfing Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod!

I loved this photograph of this lone surfer walking to the water with his surfboard. You can see the huge dunes that have been eaten away by the ocean over the years and the blue, blue sky in the background.

I thought it was pretty cool. What do you think?

Wishing you a Happy New Year from Cape Cod and a year filled with fun and adventure!