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The Purple Periwinkles Are Blooming And Beautiful On Cape Cod


The purple Periwinkles are blooming and so pretty here on Cape Cod. They are part of the Vinca family are are also known as “Running Myrtle.”

Periwinkles grow to about 6″ and are considered a creeping evergreen. Their flowers are about 1″ and pinwheel-like purplish-blue with a white star in the center.

Such a pretty wildflower, don’t you think?

Stout Blue-Eyed Grass Is Blooming On Cape Cod


The wildflowers are starting to bloom here on Cape Cod and are gorgeous! I loved this photograph of Stout Blue-Eyed Grass that I saw on one of my walks.

Stout Blue-Eyed Grass usually blooms in May and June so it is somewhat early this year. Its flowers have 6 pointed petals and yellow centers. Thin bladelike leaves rise from the base. It is native to the area.

Have you ever seen Stout Blue-Eyed Grass? Pretty, don’t you think?

The Mountain Laurel Wildflowers Are Starting To Bud On Cape Cod


The abundant Mountain Laurel wildflowers on Cape Cod are starting to bud. They must be a native shrub as you can find them everywhere.

I saw this Mountain Laurel as I was taking a walk a few days ago. I loved the little buds starting to emerge.

Did you know that Mountain Laurel is a flowering evergreen shrub in the heather family which blooms in May and June from Maine to Florida?


The Beautiful, Little White Snowdrop Flowers Are Blooming On Cape Cod


The pretty, little white Snowdrop flowers that I posted a couple of weeks ago are blooming on Cape Cod and are beautiful! Snowdrops have 3 petals and a green coloring under them.


The first photograph is of the flower as it faces downward. The second photograph is looking up into the flower. Exquisite, don’t you think?

I thought it most appropriate to post this Snowdrop flower today because it is the 2nd day of spring and we are supposed to get  “snow!” Only an inch or so… Thank goodness! The forecast yesterday was for 4-8 inches!