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Ominous Storm Clouds Over Rock Harbor In Orleans On Cape Cod

It has been pretty frigid here on Cape Cod with low temps and gusty winds. We could see the waves through the trees the other day so we took a ride down to Rock Harbor in Orleans. It was so pretty.

I loved this huge black storm cloud that hovered over Rock Harbor and Wellfleet Bay.

Pretty cool cloud, don’t you think?


Reflection At Rock Harbor In Orleans On Cape Cod

Rock Harbor in Orleans on Cape Cod is totally unspoiled. It looks like an old fashioned harbor with a gorgeous beach at low tide, full of hermit crabs and, if you happen to be there at sunset, you will be treated to an unbelievable sunset on Wellfleet Bay.

Most of the boats have been pulled from the water for the winter at Rock Harbor. All you can see now is the empty dock and pilings where the boats crowd in during the summer months.

I really liked this photograph of the reflection of the pilings at the dock at Rock Harbor. What do you think?