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Pretty Yellow Common St.-John’s-Wort Wildflower In Eastham On Cape Cod

This pretty Common St.-John’s-Wort wildflower was growing along the side of the parking lot here in Eastham on Cape Cod. It is so delicate with its many stamens.

Common St.-John’s-Wort grows to about 20″ tall with bright yellow flowers with have 5 petals that are are black-dotted on the edges. It blooms from June to August along roadsides and waste areas.

Have you ever seen a Common St.-John’s-Wort wildflower? Pretty, don’t you think?

Lots Of Pretty Common Milkweed Wildflowers On Cape Cod This Summer

The Common Milkweed wildflowers look like a ball of little flowers which you can find all over Cape Cod this summer.


Common Milkweed wildflowers have tiny purplish to pink flowers which grow in 2″ round clusters . They bloom from June to August in fields and roadsides. I saw these Common Milkweed on the side of the trail while hiking at Fort Hill in Eastham.

The first photograph shows a fully bloomed cluster and the second photograph shows one that is just blooming.

Very pretty and unique wildflower!

Pretty Blue Chicory Wildflower On Cape Cod


The vibrant blue Chicory wildflowers can be seen everywhere all over Cape Cod fields and roadsides. Chicory grows on a stiff stalk with stemless flower heads whose petals are fringed at the ends. Each flower lasts only about a day and close at midday.

Chicory wildflowers are about 1 to 1/1/2″ and the plants grow to 2-4 feet from June through October. Love their pistil and stamens… they look like little bright blue rods.

Very abundant on Cape Cod and very pretty.

Native Bristly Sarsaparilla Wildflower In Provincetown On Cape Cod

I saw this wonderful native Bristly Sarsaparilla wildflower when we were up in Provincetown last week. It was so pretty and unusual. It has flower clusters at the top of erect, bristly stems and grows 1-3 feet with blooms June and July. The flowers turn into dark blue berries. Pretty cool, huh?

Have you ever seen a Bristly Sarsaparilla wildflower?