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The Mountain Laurel Wildflowers Are Starting To Bud On Cape Cod

The abundant Mountain Laurel wildflowers on Cape Cod are starting to bud. They must be a native shrub as you can find them everywhere.

I saw this Mountain Laurel as I was taking a walk a few days ago. I loved the little buds starting to emerge.

Did you know that Mountain Laurel is a flowering evergreen shrub in the heather family which blooms in May and June from Maine to Florida?


The Beautiful, Little White Snowdrop Flowers Are Blooming On Cape Cod

The pretty, little white Snowdrop flowers that I posted a couple of weeks ago are blooming on Cape Cod and are beautiful! Snowdrops have 3 petals and a green coloring under them.


The first photograph is of the flower as it faces downward. The second photograph is looking up into the flower. Exquisite, don’t you think?

I thought it most appropriate to post this Snowdrop flower today because it is the 2nd day of spring and we are supposed to get  “snow!” Only an inch or so… Thank goodness! The forecast yesterday was for 4-8 inches!

Bearberry Are Starting to Bloom On Cape Cod

The Bearberry with its vibrant red berries are starting to come out on Cape Cod. They are an 8″ trailing evergreen shrub with red berries and glossy, leathery leaves. Out in Colorado they are called kinnikinick.

Their flowers which are tiny white or pink bells will bloom in May and June on sandy or rocky  soil.

Have you ever seen a Bearberry?


Pretty Little, White Snowdrop Flowers In Orleans On Cape Cod

I saw my first pretty, little white Snowdrop flowers on the side of the road in Orleans on Cape Cod the other day. They are so delicate.

I couldn’t find them in my flower book so my friend Alice, who is a guru in flower identification, helped me out. Thank you, Alice!

Snowdrops, which are perennials, produce one small (1″ or less), white flower, which hangs down off its stalk like a “drop” prior to opening. When the bloom opens, the eye beholds 3 outer petals arching out over 3 inner petals. Snowdrops flower early in the year so you should plant them where you can easily see them, even under  tree because they bloom before the leaves come out!

I might have to plant some Snowdrop bulbs at my new house. They are so pretty and such a treat to find this time of year!