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Nauset Light Beach On Cape Cod Looks Stormy!


The clouds were rolling in and the winds were kicking up at Nauset Light Beach. I took one photograph from far away and then I zoomed in for a close-up. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

I couldn’t decide which one I liked better. What do you think?

Nauset Light Beach On Cape Cod.


The tides were pretty high at Nauset Light Beach as you can see all of the driftwood that has washed ashore. And when the tides get that high, especially in the winter months, you can’t even walk on the beach. The water goes right up to the dunes!

Trying To Get That Perfect Photograph At Nauset Light Beach On Cape Cod!


It was a gorgeous day to take a walk on Nauset Light Beach. As I was clicking away, trying to get that perfect “photo op,” Phil was clicking away too… at me!

I thought this was a fun photograph of me trying to get a fun photograph!

Nauset Light Beach On Cape Cod Was Still Pretty Busy This Weekend.


The beach at Nauset Light Beach was pretty busy this weekend as people were enjoying the gorgeous weather at the beach. It was just perfect: sunny, breezy with cool morning temps and warm afternoon temps.

Looks like summer is still here for a bit…