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High Tide At Nauset Light Beach On Cape Cod Yesterday.

The tides at all the beaches and salt marshes were extremely high yesterday. We had gotten an “alert” on our iPhones earlier in the day that there was a chance of coastal flooding.

We drove out to Nauset Light Beach about an hour and a half before the peak of high tide hoping that we could sneak in a short walk on the beach. That was not going to happen, the water went all the way up to the dunes already. Wow!

Did you get to see any of the beaches yesterday? It was amazing!

Waves From Yesterday On The Cape Cod Beaches.

The waves were pretty impressive on the Cape Cod beaches yesterday. We stopped at Nauset Beach, Coast Guard Beach, LeCount Hollow, and Whitecrest in Wellfleet. The waves were getting pretty big but it was the blowing sand that kept many people in their cars. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

The first photograph was at Nauset Light Beach. The last two were at Nauset Beach.

I wonder what the beach will look like today and after the storm…