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Waiting For Summer At First Encounter Beach In Eastham On Cape Cod

This bench at First Encounter Beach on Cape Cod will not be empty for long as people start coming to enjoy a day at the gorgeous beaches of Cape Cod.

First Encounter Beach was named that because it was the place of the first encounter of the Pilgrims from the Mayflower with the native Nauset tribe in 1620.

Red-Tailed Hawk In The Tree At Our New Home On Cape Cod


We have seen a Red-tailed Hawk flying above our new home on Cape Cod and we thought it had a home nearby. Our landscaper took a great photograph of the hawk up in a tree near our front porch eating a snake. He said it was pretty awesome.

Yesterday we were working about on the house when we saw him in the same tree. I got lots of photographs with him sitting there looking for his next meal and him preening himself. It was pretty cool.


There are so many birds at our new home. We can’t wait to move in!