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Hundreds Of Birds At Nauset Break On Cape Cod

We were taking a short hike at Fort Hill on the National Seashore  the other day when I saw a lot of commotion out at Nauset Break. I didn’t have my binoculars with me so I zoomed in with my camera and took a few photographs.

When I got home I could see that there were hundreds of birds flying about out there as well as resting on the beaches. I wonder if there was an abundance of fish out there that they were feeding on or why they were there?

Any ideas?

Semipalmated Plovers On Cape Cod Bay

I had never seen a  Semipalmated Plover on the beaches of Cape Cod Bay, so it was a big treat to see so many of them dashing about the beach looking for food this past week.


They are a small Plover that usually migrates to coastal areas of south United States during the winter months. Maybe they were heading down that way and stopped for a bite to eat on the way?

It gots its name because it only has partly webbed feet, thus the “semi” meaning half.

Have you ever seen a Semipalmated Plover?

Eastern Bluebirds At Our Bird Feeders Here On Cape Cod

We haven’t seen an Eastern Bluebird since we moved to Cape Cod over a year ago. And there, on our bird feeders were three of them! What a treat!

We were sitting at our nook getting ready for lunch when Phil asked what bird was sitting high up on the branch. I said, “It looks like a Bluebird, but I’m not sure what it is.” We have not seen one here before.

An then, 2 seconds later, they all flew down to the bird feeders. Wow! They are so beautiful! Have you ever seen a Bluebird?