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Overlooking Ballston Beach In Truro On Cape Cod.

The view overlooking Ballston  Beach from the Pamet Cranberry Bog Trail is just spectacular. (Click on blog link for other photo. )

And then you see this house on stilts right on the edge of the dunes and you wonder what Mother Nature has in store for it…

Huge Tidal Pool At Ballston Beach On Cape Cod.

It’s always amazes me what Mother Nature can do with the sand on the beach. This large tidal pool was fairly new at Ballston Beach. It’s really pretty long.

I remember when we used to vacation in New Jersey in the summer many, many years ago, some of their tidal pools were so big and so deep that they had a life guard just for the tidal pool.

I wonder what it will look like in a few months time…

Ballston Beach In Truro On Cape Cod.

Ballston Beach in Truro  is such  beautiful beach which has changed so dramatically in the past decade. You can see on the left side of the first photograph where it broke through the dunes in 2013, but better in the 2nd photo. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

“For two days in February of 2013, a blizzard packing hurricane force winds pounded Cape Cod. One of the areas that suffered the most damage was Ballston Beach, a popular spot on Truro’s Atlantic-facing coastline. When high tide struck on the evening of February 8, the storm surge broke through the dunes, pushing water from the ocean all the way back to the Upper Pamet River Valley.”  Wow! What a story!

Last winter we all watched that house (not in the photograph) on Ballston Beach teetering on the dunes in a bad winter storm, only to be moved to safer ground. Does anyone know if it was located nearby?

Early Morning At Ballston Beach On Cape Cod.

“On March 9 of 2013 Atlantic Hurricane cut a 100-foot wide opening in the narrow barrier dune at Ballston Beach in Truro, on Cape Cod. Tons of seawater surged into the freshwater marshes of the upper Pamet River eventually reaching Route 6, and briefly turning the end of Cape Cod into an island.”

What an incredible story! I took this photograph from the summit above Ballston Beach on the Pamet Cranberry Bog Trail. You can see where the dunes were swept away and the water went inland.

Mother Nature always has her own way…

The Pamet Cranberry Bog Trail In Truro On Cape Cod!

The Pamet Cranberry Bog Trail in Truro has a huge diversification of things to see and explore. One of my favorite parts is hiking up and over the dunes toward the end of the trail. (Click on blog link for other photos.)

The views of Ballston Beach and the ocean are just spectacular!

It’s a great hike just out to the dunes and then back down. You won’t be disappointed!