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Wiley Park On Cape Cod In Black And White Or Color?


Hiking in Wiley Park is always beautiful, any time of the year. I couldn’t decide if I liked the black and white or color photograph of one of the trails in Wiley Park. (Click on blog link to see color photo.)

What do you think?

Beautiful Reflections At Hemenway Landing On Cape Cod…In Black And White Or Color?


It only lasted a minute when there wasn’t a ripple in the water and you could see the reflections of these three boats all lined up on Nauset Marsh. And then the wind kicked up… I couldn’t decide if I like black and white or color better.

What do you think?


Interesting Trees On Beech Forest Trail In Provincetown On Cape Cod.


There were some really cool-looking trees on Beech Forest Trail in Provincetown. They reminded me of Colorado where you frequently see trees on the slopes of the the mountains ¬†which have curved trunks due to the snow and ice pushing it. They called them “snow knees.” Cute, don’t you think?

I wonder what caused these tree trunks to bend so much…

I took this tree with different filters. What do you think?