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First Bike Ride Of The Season On Cape Cod!

I just got my biked tuned up so I was anxious to go out for a ride and yesterday was the perfect day! It was gorgeous with sunny skies, warm temps and breezy.

One of my favorites rides is to the little beach near us. It was low tide so you can see the flats in the background looking out on Cape Cod Bay. This is my first selfie of  the year… Happy Biking!

Huge Bird Tracks In The Snow On Cape Cod!

We were just finishing our hike by Nauset Marsh the other day when I saw these tracks in the snow. What on earth were they? At first I thought they were hiking pole holes, but there were no hiking boot tracks or any other tracks nearby. Hmmm… (Click on blog link to see other photos.)

The only other tracks I had ever seen in the snow that came close to these was a Great Blue Heron. Their tracks were huge! So I put my foot next to it, which you can see in the 2nd photograph. I wear a size 9, so these tracks were pretty big.

And there were a lot of them. What were they? What were they doing? Where were they going? Anyone have any other ideas? Am I close? Am I way off? Any comments are welcome!