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Sea Creature Unearthed At Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod?

The other morning when we were taking a walk in Coast Guard Beach, we came across this “sea creature” sticking out from the sand.  It looked like the recent erosion from various storms had unearthed it from the dunes. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

I wonder how long it has been buried in the sand. After adding a clam shell eye, it looks just like a creature you might find at the deepest ocean’s depths, don’t you think?



Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod Is Always Spectacular!

This was another “picture-perfect” day to take a walk on Coast Guard Beach. It was just gorgeous with the sun’s reflection on the water. We were the first to walk the beach that morning… it is so cool when your footprints are the first footprints…

The Dunes Have Grown On Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod.

After the last storm, we were anxious to take a walk on Coast Guard Beach. Yesterday was a gorgeous day with sunny skies and warmish temps in the 40s. Just perfect…

We were surprised to see how high the dunes had gotten as we walked down toward Nauset Spit. In front of the dunes way in the distance,  you can see a person with a dark jacket. He looks pretty small! Those dunes have grown pretty high in the past few weeks.

I wonder what surprises Mother Nature has in store for us after today’s Nor’easter?

Iconic Drive To Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod In The Winter Rain.

It was a rainy, cold winter day so we decided to take a drive to Coast Guard Beach. The wind was howling and the waves were huge. I loved this photo taken through the rain-dotted windshield on that famous drive down to Coast Guard Beach from Nauset Light. You can see the sun trying to peek out from behind the storm clouds.

Have you ever taken that drive?