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Kite Surfing On The Salt Marsh On Cape Cod!

With extremely windy conditions lately, the kite surfers were out en force on the salt marsh by First Encounter Beach the other day. We counted 9 of them nearby. (Click on blog link for other photos.)

It was so much fun to watch them as they flew by and then did they acrobatics in the sky. Have you ever seen kite surfers?

How cool  is that? They’ve got to be really good to all kite surf in such a small area?

Great Kite-Surfing Weather On Cape Cod!

The wind has been ripping the past few days, making for great kite-surfing on Cape Cod Bay. First Encounter Beach has been a popular kite-surfing spot with 8-10 surfers enjoying the wind and the waves.

We stopped at Boat Meadow Beach yesterday and this kite-surfer came by. Very cool, don’t you think? Look at those waves and those gorgeous clouds!

Very Talented Kite-Surfers On The Salt Marsh On Cape Cod!

The past few days have been so windy and the tides have been so high that is just perfect for the kite-surfers to “surf” in the salt marsh. (Click on blog link to see other photo way high in the sky!)

We took a ride to First Encounter Beach and parked in the back, facing the flooded salt marsh, so we could watch these amazing kite-surfers do their thing. Incredible, don’t you think? Look at that guy way up there above the trees!

So Many Kite Surfers On Cape Cod Bay.

I looked out across the salt marsh and saw about 20-25 kite-surfers in the distance. They were kite-surfing off of First Encounter Beach, a favorite place to start from. It looks like they are mostly on the salt marsh.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen this many at one time. Pretty cool, huh?

Awesome Kite Surfing At First Encounter Beach On Cape Cod!

Yesterday was the first sunny day in a while so we packed a picnic lunch to have in the car and decided to drive  to First Encounter Beach as we thought it might be really pretty there. Were we in for a treat! (Click on blog link for more photos.)

As we drove in, we could see the colorful kites way up in the sky. It was really windy and the kite surfers were all out on the water. It was beautiful to watch them surfing back and forth along the beach with their multi-colored kites. Look at that surfer above  jump high off a wave! Wow!

The photo above reminds me of one of those hot air balloon festivals!

So cool, don’t you think?

Kite Surfing At First Encounter Beach On Cape Cod.

Yesterday was a windy, windy day and perfect for kite surfing on the creek behind First Encounter Beach. It was fun to watch the 2 kite surfers as they did their maneuvers. (Click on blog link to see other photo.)

In the 2nd photograph, the kite surfer jumped so high in the air, I got him in my frame but not the kite. Pretty cool, don’t you think?