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Looking Out Toward Wellfleet Harbor On Cape Cod.

The flowers were blooming and the setting was just perfect looking out toward Wellfleet Harbor. I loved the fence, the cottage and the multitudes of wild roses blooming in the field. So pretty and summery, don’t you think?

You can even see Jeremy Point way in the distance…

Beautiful Kingbird At Duck Harbor On Cape Cod.

We drove out to Duck Harbor in Wellfleet to see if there was anything interesting going on and there, sitting on top of the tree, was a Kingbird. He was just beautiful! (Click on blog link for other photo.)

The Kingbird prefers semi-open or open areas. These birds wait on an exposed perch and then catch insects in flight. “The genus name, Tyrannus tyrannus, is the Latin word for ‘tyrant’, as these birds tend to defend their breeding territories aggressively, often chasing away much larger birds.”