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Nauset Beach On Cape Cod Was A Very Popular Destination This Past Weekend

The weather was gorgeous last weekend and brought a lot of people out to the Nauset Beach on Cape Cod  to enjoy the sunshine and pleasant weather. It’s starting to feel like spring.

I loved this photograph of Nauset Beach with people everywhere. They were walking, collecting, sitting, relaxing, riding, surfing and just enjoying the ambiance of Nauset Beach, one of the premier beaches on the National Seashore on Cape Cod.

Diving Harlequin Ducks Off Of Nauset Beach On Cape Cod

I saw my first Harlequin Duck off of Nauset Beach on Cape Cod this week. I had never seen one before!

I was taking a walk along the beach when I saw these three diving ducks a little bit offshore. I wasn’t sure what kind of ducks they were so I took a few photographs. They looked pretty dark with two white spots on their heads.

As I looked them up in my Sibley Guide to Birds, I learned that an adult breeding Harlequin Duck is very colorful, where an adult non breeding Harlequin Duck looks just like this from November to May.

Have you ever seen a Harlequin Duck?


I Saw My First Daffodil In Orleans On Cape Cod Today!


I was so shocked when I saw a little patch of pretty yellow Daffodils growing in someone’s yard by the side of the road in Orleans on Cape Cod. It seems so early. It’s only February.

So, I turned the car around, stopped and jumped out and took a photograph of this pretty spring flower. What  treat!

Last weekend the wind chill was minus 28 here so the last thing I thought I’d see so soon was a spring flower.

Has anyone else seen any spring flowers?


Rock Harbor In Orleans On Cape Cod Is Always A Popular Destination


No matter what time of day or what the weather is,  Rock Harbor in Orleans on Cape Cod always seems to have people dropping by whether to enjoy the scenery, have a cup of coffee or eat their picnic lunch.

We stopped by last weekend when the wind was really cranking. pretty, don’t you think? Have you ever been to Rock Harbor?