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The Waves Are Huge On Nauset Beach And Nauset Light Beach On Cape Cod


With all of the high winds and rain from the recents storms on Cape Cod the past few days, the waves are humungous!

I drove down to the beach and to get a few photographs. It was so windy that I had to hold on to the railing as I clicked away with my iPhone. I was too afraid to take my camera out with the wind and spraying salt water.


You can see how high the water is in this photograph of Nauset Light Beach…it is all the way up to the dunes and it isn’t even high tide yet.

There is nothing like being at the beach in a windy rainstorm!

Black And Orange Box Turtle In Eastham on Cape Cod


Did you know that Box Turtles are exclusively North American and occupy the eastern United States? They have a hinged lower shell that can almost completely close up. Did you know that the Box Turtle burrows almost 2 feet down in the earth in October or November until April?

I didn’t know any of these fact until I looked them up. Pretty cool.

I happened to see this colorful little guy crossing the road right in front of my new home. Welcome, little Box Turtle!

From bugling Bull Elk to Box Turtles… new adventures!

Interesting Clematis Flower Gone By On Cape Cod


It’s been fun looking for new and different kinds of photographs here on Cape Cod.

Outside the front door of the home that we are renting until our home is built is a Clematis that has gone by. It was quite large and climbing up the light post.

I never got to see it in bloom. But, I loved these two photographs of the Clematis as it starts to seed and then when it is ready to disperse its seeds.


So delicate…


And 2 weeks after I took those 2 photographs, a new flower bloomed. Exquisite colors, don’t you think? It’s still summer!