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Another Awesome Feature On The AllTrails App For Cape Cod Or Anywhere.

I was up in Boston last weekend when Phil texted me that he was going to go for a hike. With the AllTrails App, he sent me his route around Cliff Pond. I could log on at anytime and see exactly where he was, which you can see on the map. The app would also send me periodic texts of where he was or he  could send me a text of where he was on the route.

What a great feature, called Lifeline, especially when hiking alone. Even if you never need it, it’s always safe and fun to see where someone is hiking!

The AllTrails App Has Great New Feature For Hiking On Cape Cod Or Anywhere.

We downloaded one of the hikes at Nickerson State Park and started out the other day. We were only into the hike a couple of minutes when we heard a beep on the phone app. There was an alert that we had gone “off-route.”

What a wonderful addition to the AllTrails app. You can leave it in your pocket but if you go off your intended route, it will beep and let you know so you don’t go way out of the way. So nice…

Pamet Trail In Truro On Cape Cod Is A Favorite On The Alltrails App.

Pamet Trail is one of our favorite hikes in the Truro area on Cape Cod. There is so much diversity from scrubby bushes and trees to pine forests to sand dunes overlooking the ocean to cranberry bogs. (There are additional photos and a map at the end of the blog.)

There is a bit of an elevation gain, as you can see by the map, which is pretty cool here on Cape Cod and the views throughout the entire hike are just amazing!

Our Wiley Park Loop Hike On Cape Cod Is On The AllTrails App.

One of our favorite hikes in this area is at Wiley Park. It is so close to home , easily accessible and always a new adventure. A photograph of the entire hike is at the end of the blog.

You can park your car on Herringbrook Road and hike a nice 1.9 mile loop through the woods, along the shores of Great Pond and over the bridge to its attached kettle pond. It is really pretty any time of the year. There are many little off-shoot trails so you can lengthen or shorten your hike as you like.

It is a very easy hike and fun for the whole family!





Twinings Pond Trail In Orleans On Cape Cod Is On The Alltrails App.

Twinings Pond Trail is a beautiful hike in any season. It’s shaded in the summer and sheltered in the winter. The trail winds through the forest which overlooks Twinings Pond,  a kettle pond, and then forms a loop back to the beginning. It’s a wide trail and perfect for the whole family! A full map is at the end of the blog.

You can see the map that we recorded with the distance and elevation. The AllTrails App has been so much fun to use!