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We Made Our Own AllTrails Hike At Nickerson State Park On Cape Cod!


We have had so much fun with the AllTrails app which is so easy to use. We made a loop called Water Views & Forest Loop where you hike along the ponds at Nickerson State Park and then back through the pine forest. It is so beautiful. The map of the hike is at the end of the blog.

You start out hiking along the banks of Cliff Pond and Little Cliff Pond and then head back through the pine forests. It doesn’t get much prettier. You can add photos to the hike too. If you take them with your phone and download them to the app, they will pop up along the trail on the map where you took the photograph. Pretty cool, don’t you think?

Awesome Trail At Nickerson State Park On Cape Cod Using AllTrails App!


We discovered the AllTrails app and have found some really cool hikes at Nickerson State Park in Brewster. We took the West Heartbreak Loop a couple of days ago and really enjoyed it. The map of the hike is at the end of the blog.

The hike was a loop through the beautiful pine forests. What amazed me was the amount of Bearberry groundcover that was growing on the floor of the forest (you can see that in the first photo) and the vast numberĀ of new pine trees growing throughout the forest.

If you haven’t hiked Nickerson State Park, put it on your list, especially on the off-season when the trails are easy to maneuver and you don’t have to worry about Poison Ivy and insects.

Little Cliff Pond Trail At Nickerson State Park In Brewster On Cape Cod.


We took an awesome hike at Nickerson State Park in Brewster called Little Cliff Pond Trail. You hike along the shores of Cliff Pond, then through the woods to Little Cliff Pond where you see some spectacular view, especially in the fall.

The hike back is along the opposite shore but up on a cliff along the smaller pond, thus called Little Cliff Pond. It was really pretty and fairly easy for the whole family.

Have you ever hiked Little Cliff Pond Trail at Nickerson State Park?