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No Parking On Bridge Sign In Eastham On Cape Cod


I have seen this Red-tailed Hawk sitting on the No Parking on Bridge Sign in Eastham on Cape Cod many times. He must see a lot of little critters that would be wonderful prey from this perch.

I see him there so much that sometimes I even forget to look for him there. It is someone else taking a photograph that reminds me that he loves to sit there.


I was clicking away when this man walked up with a huge camera, wanting to know what kind of bird it was. He didn’t even get to take one photograph as he got too close and the hawk flew away.

Have you ever seen this Red-tailed Hawk on the No Parking Sign?


Beautiful Black And Orange Baltimore Oriole In Our Yard On Cape Cod

We have so many beautiful Baltimore Orioles living in our yard here on Cape Cod. They are such a vibrant colored bird and so pretty. They love to eat the grape jelly which I seem to replenish twice a day lately.

This guy caught my eye against the blue sky up in the tree in our backyard.

What do you think?


Great Horned Owl Outside Our Bedroom Window Here On Cape Cod

We awoke this morning at dawn to the Crows squawking outside our bedroom window. I thought it must be the little Red-tailed Hawk nearby. The other morning it was in our birdbath at dawn, splashing away.

I went out on the deck and looked all around in the pine trees for the hawk, but could not find him. And then… I saw these golden eyes looking down at me. Wow!

There was a Great Horned Owl in the tree right outside our bedroom window. How cool is that?!

I ran in and got the binoculars while Phil clicked away with the camera. Unbelievable! I knew there are Great Horned Owls here on Cape Cod, but I had no idea we would ever see one in our backyard!

Such a treat!!

Northern Flicker At My home On Cape Cod

This Northern Flicker has been hanging around the bird feeders at my home here on Cape Cod. I think he might be a juvenile in that he didn’t quite know what to do.


He hopped across my yard and kept looking up at the bird feeder. Then he flew up there and tried to get on, but he is much too big to stand on that little peg. So he went up to the top of the pole and stared at me (2nd photograph). He looked so funny.  I was able to click the first photograph as he was looking around.

After he saw a Hairy Woodpecker maneuver the suet, he latched on and comes quite frequently now.

Beautiful bird, don’t you think? Love the yellow under his wings and tail!

Black And White Hairy Woodpecker At Our Suet Feeder Here On Cape Cod


This Hairy Woodpecker just loves the suet feeder in our yard, once he figured it out. We had so many Starlings that would come and eat all of the suet, Phil came up with this brilliant idea!

You know how suet comes in a plastic container where you pull the paper cover off and insert it in the suet feeder? Well, he kept the plastic container with the suet still inside it, peeled off the paper cover and put it upside down in the suet feeder.  The woodpeckers are used to eating upside down, so they mastered the technique of finding the suet on the bottom of the feeder in no time. The Starlings…have had a much more difficult time trying to figure out how to get the suet through the plastic on the top and sides.

Pretty ingenious, don’t you think?