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Nauset Beach On Cape Cod Uncovered

We took a ride to Nauset Beach the day before yesterday’s storm and were surprised to see this cement structure protruding from the sand. It looks like part of a septic system that has surfaced from the eroding beach. Does anyone have any other ideas?

You can see where the little viewing platform used to be in the top left of the photograph. That was taken down after the last big storm in January. Now there is just a little fence.

It will be interesting to see what the beach looks like in the next day or two. We are supposed to get 30 foot waves. Wow!

It is truly amazing what Mother Nature is capable of!

Cedar Bank Links Golf Course On The Salt Pond Trail On Cape Cod

Years ago, there was a golf course where the Salt Pond Trail in Eastham is now located. There is a marker by the marsh identifying the roller for the golf course in the high grass. You can see it in photograph the on the right of the trail in the distance.

“Eastham’s Cedar Bank Links, a private course, was constructed in the mid 1920’s and existed until just after World War II. The course dominated the landscape that today is occupied by the Cape Cod National Seashore’s visitor’s center and the land surrounding Salt Pond. In fact, the parking lot of the visitor’s center sits where the ninth hole use to be. The 17th green was near where the boathouses stand today.”

Very cool, don’t you think?

When the Sun Comes Out, Go To Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod!

Yesterday morning was spectacular! It was sunny and warm and we knew that it was supposed to rain in the afternoon and all day Sunday. So, the perfect solution… go to the beach while you can! We’ve had a lot of cloudy, rainy days lately.

As you can see, it was glorious! Our “Go To” beach is usually Coast Guard Beach, part of the National Seashore, and rated one of the Top 10 beaches in the USA! And it’s only a 5 minute drive from our home, so it doesn’t get much better!

We walked down to Nauset Spit, where the ocean flows into Nauset Marsh. It was warm, in the 50s, and so pretty. The clouds were amazing.  I love the dark blue hue around the clouds.

What do you think?

Pretty Day For A Hike At Fort Hill, On The Cape Cod National Seashore

It was a beautiful day for a hike at Fort Hill, one of our favorite places to hikes. I love to park in the lower parking lot and take the Red Maple Swamp Trail through the swamp on the boardwalk to Hemenway Landing. From there you can hike up to Carving Rock and along Nauset Marsh and up to the overlook.

It doesn’t get much prettier!