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Great Island Trail To The Beach In Wellfleet On Cape Cod.

When you take the Great Island Trail in Wellfleet, you can either go in toward the woods to the Tavern and then out to Jeremy Point or you can hike over the trails in the dunes and go straight to the beach. (Click on blog link for more photos.)

Either hike is just spectacular! You can see the expansiveness of the beach in the first photograph. In the 2nd and 3rd photos you can see the trails over the dunes that you can take to get to the beach.

Whatever you choose on this trail is a win/win for you! It is all breath-taking!

Hiking At Kent’s Point On Cape Cod.

We love hiking at Kent’s Point in Orleans. The trails through the woods and along the beach are always just beautiful. I took this photograph a couple of weeks ago when the sailboat was still in the water and the green leaves were still on the trees. So pretty, don’t you think?

Have you ever hiked at Kent’s Point?