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What Could They Possibly Be Building In Rock Harbor On Cape Cod?

We’ve been watching the huge cranes working at Rock Harbor for a couple of weeks now. I thought they were putting in new pilings for a new dock. But, little by little, they put these huge metal pilings around the whole boat ramp on the Eastham side. (Click on blog link for other photo.) Help! How would we launch our kayaks this summer if they got rid of the ramp?

We drove over to the Eastham side and asked one of the workers what they were doing. He explained that they had to put these huge metal pilings all around the boat ramp so they could pump the water out of the area so they could build a new ramp. Amazing!

I had no idea that’s how they built a new ramp going into the water, did you?

(The photos look different because I took one on Sunday when it was cloudy and the other on Monday, when the crane was operating.)


Beautiful Glacier Rocks By The Kettle Ponds On Cape Cod.

There are so many rocks, called erratics, left by the glaciers along the shores of  the thousands of kettle ponds here on Cape Cod. Some are huge and some are really small. You can see the large size of the rocks in the 2nd and 3rd photos. (Click on blog link to see other photos.)

Have you seen many glacial rocks in your travels on Cape Cod or elsewhere?

Raking For Oysters On Oyster Sunday At The Salt Pond On Cape Cod!

It was a gorgeous Sunday to be out in the waters looking for oysters at Nauset Salt Pond in Eastham on Cape Cod. (Click on blog link for other photo.)

Yesterday, called “Oyster Sunday,” was the first of 3 Sundays in the fall that people can get a “Oyster” license and search for oysters in designated areas at Nauset Salt Pond and the river leading into it.

Looks like fun! This guy was walking back with his bucket full.

Have you ever participated in Oyster Sundays at the Eastham Salt Pond by the visitors center?

Seal Island Off Of Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod.

Each year there seems to be  a “seal island” on one of the sandbars by Coast Guard Beach or Nauset Beach. The seals pack themselves together and enjoy that little bit of time until the tide comes in again. (Click blog link to see other photo.)

The 2nd photo is of “seal island” not zoomed in. It is pretty far away from shore.