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Kettle Pond On the Wiley Park Trails In Eastham On Cape Cod

The pond at Wiley Park in Eastham on Cape Cod is just one of 365 freshwater kettle ponds on Cape Cod.

Most of these are kettle ponds are formed when blocks of ice from the last glacier became imbedded or covered by outwash materials, leaving depressions that filled with fresh water when ground water rose to intersect them.

This is just one of the many kettle ponds in this area of Cape Cod.

Have you ever gone swimming in a kettle pond?

Searching For Oysters At Nauset Salt Pond On Cape Cod

It was a gorgeous day to be out in the waters looking for oysters at Nauset Salt Pond in Eastham on Cape Cod.

Last Sunday was called “Oyster Sunday,” which is the first of 6 Sundays in the fall that people can get a “Oyster” license and search for oysters in designated areas at Nauset Salt Pond.


There were about 60 people in the water with waders, rakes and buckets. This one basket looks absolutely wonderful!

Oysters for dinner, anyone?