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White-Breasted Nuthatch At Our Home On Cape Cod


This White-breasted Nuthatch is a regular at our home here on Cape Cod. I love how they walk up and down the trees looking for bugs.

We have had so many birds in our yard that we went out and bought another bird feeder so the birds did not have to “wait in line” for so long.  They do have good manners though, as they wait for one bird to leave before the next one flies in.

Have you ever seen a White-breasted Nuthatch?

The Orange And Yellow Bittersweet Is Abundant At Fort Hill On Cape Cod


You can see the orange and yellow Bittersweet berries on so many of the trails at Fort Hill on Cape Cod. It’s a vine that grows on the bushes and has such a pretty berry in the fall. It reminds me of my Mom who used to pick it each fall and make wreaths for our doors. They were so pretty.

I loved how you can see Nauset marsh and the Coast Guard Station in the background.