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Shark Warning Flags On The Beaches On Cape Cod

The Shark-Warning Flag was still up at Nauset Beach in Orleans on Cape Cod the other day. There must have been a shark spotted somewhere nearby and they are warning people who go in the water.

All of the beaches along the National Seashore use these warning flags which are very helpful to the public.

Friday there were five Great White Sharks spotted at Nauset Beach around noon. There was a warning to surfers to beware! We have seen a lot of seals there lately… which the sharks love to eat.





Low Tide At First Encounter Beach On Cape Cod


It was a gorgeous day to walk out on the flats at First Encounter Beach in Eastham on Cape Cod. The flats are the exposed sand at low tide on Cape Cod Bay. And the flats seem to go out for miles!

I loved how these chairs were all set up, everyone was ready to enjoy the gorgeous day at the beach. Pretty,  don’t you think?

Beautiful day to start the holiday weekend!

Large Crab Almost Hit Me On The Head At Fort Hill In Eastham On Cape Cod

We were hiking at Fort Hill in Eastham, on the National Seashore, the other day when this huge crab landed about 6″ away from me with a loud thud. I was pretty startled. I looked up and there was a crow  who must have been having lunch when dropped it out of the tree. How bizarre. It almost hit me on the head. I have never been hit by a crab before!

The funny thing was… I had just read a story on the news about a hawk dropping a five pound fish on a lady walking down a city street and I was telling a friend that morning. This hawk was eating a fish up in a tree above her and he  must have lost his grip when it fell on her head. She got a couple of cuts and scratches. That was one big fish!

How coincidental is that? Funny or what!



Seaside Goldenrod Wildflowers Are Blooming Near The Salt Marshes On Cape Cod

The Seaside Goldenrod wildflowers are gorgeous this year and blooming all around the salt marshes here on Cape Cod. I never knew that were different kinds of Goldenrod.

Seaside Goldenrod has larger flowers than all other Goldenrod flowers. The flower are small, just .25 to .5″. The bloom from August through November near the salt marshes, so you still have plenty of time to see these beautiful wildflowers!

I took this photograph at Fort Hill in Eastham. The meadows are full of Goldenrod.