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First Encounter Beach On Cape Cod At Low Tide

It was a beautiful day to take a walk on First Encounter Beach on Cape Cod. The tides were low so you could walk way out on the flats.

First Encounter Beach is a place with historic significance. It was so named because it is the site of the first encounter between Native Americans and the Pilgrims prior to their settling in Plymouth.

Have you ever been to First Encounter Beach? So Pretty!

Chatham Lighthouse On A Windy Day

The flag was blowing at Chatham Lighthouse the other day. And the sky was blue, blue,  blue! What a beautiful day to photograph Chatham Light.

Chatham Light signals boats off of Chatham and Chatham Bar. The building to the right is the Coast Guard Station will go to action when boats are in distress. This is the station that was featured in the Disney movie, The Finest Hours, which is about the the most daring rescue mission in the history of the  Coast Guard.

Nauset Light and the CG Station are a must to see if you are ever on Cape Cod. The views are spectacular!

And if you haven’t seen The Finest Hours, make sure you see it too. The story is unbelievable!


My Zinnias Are Still Blooming Here on Cape Cod

We haven’t had a freeze yet here on Cape Cod so my Zinnias are still blooming and gorgeous! I picked about 100 of them yesterday and put them in vases all around the house. They are so pretty and so colorful! And I know in a couple of weeks they will be gone…

Have you ever really looked at a Zinnia? This is looking down on it. The tiny yellow stamens  that circle the main flower are just exquisite!