Mysterious Animal On The Boardwalk At Fort Hill On Cape Cod


It was a cloudy, cold day and I decided to take a morning walk at Fort Hill before the rain started. Phil was home with a bad cold, so I was solo. I thought Red Maple Swamp Trail would be fun as it is in the woods and somewhat protected.

About 1/2 in on the boardwalk, I noticed some water and water tracks on the side of the boardwalk which then went down the middle of the boardwalk. Hmmm… I wonder what it was! The only animal I could think of was a Muskrat, but it would have to be  a pretty big one.

As I walked along, I saw the same kind of tracks a little ways down, but this was in a much dryer area.

Next time I go to the Visitor’s Center, I will be sure to inquire as to what animal might like the swamp waters at Fort Hill. Anyone have any ideas?



Orleans On Cape Cod Is Beach-Themed For The Holidays


I always love to see how the different towns decorate this time of year for the holidays. I thought that Orleans had some of the cutest decorations with the colorful buoys and greens in the wooden box with  a little sign that says, “Shop Local,” which is so important for businesses around here.

Cute, don’t you think?  And just perfect for this popular beach town, home of Nauset Beach.


The Seals Are Still Swimming Along Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod


You can still see the seals as you walk along Coast Guard Beach, part of the National Seashore,  in Eastham. They dart up and down in the waves and sometimes follow you along the shore.

This little guy wa swimming in the waves a couple of days ago. I love his little face.

Red-Bellied Woodpecker Is Growing Up In Our Yard On Cape Cod


This little Red-Bellied Woodpecker is a frequent visitor at our suet feeders. It’s been fun to watch him grow the past few months. The last time I posted a photograph of him in August, he didn’t have any red on his head. Now, he has started getting that distinct red spot on the back of his head.

He comes numerous times during the day. I’m glad that he visits so often, as he makes me smile each time I see him. We’ve named him “Little Big Red,” after his parents who we call “Big Red.”

Cute little guy, don’t you think?

Fort Hill In Eastham On Cape Cod Has Awesome Views!


It was a gorgeous, warm day last week for a walk at Fort Hill, which is about a 2 minute drive from our home. You can walk on the loop trail around the meadows and Nauset Marsh or you can take the trail on the boardwalk through Red Maple Swamp and down by hemenway Landing. Each one is spectacular.

I took this photograph as I was finishing my walk up to the top parking lot which overlooks the meadows and Nauset Marsh with the Coast Guard Station in the distance.

Pretty, don’t you think?

The Flats Behind First Encounter Beach On Cape Cod


There is a little river that flows behind First Encounter Beach into the salt marsh that is really pretty at low tide. If you park at the end of the road into First Encounter Beach and walk down the path away from the beach, you will find this little river which is very high at high tide and very low at low tide.

I thought this was a cool photograph that shows the sand ripples at low tide. What do you think?