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Uncle Tim’s Bridge In Wellfleet On Cape Cod.

“Uncle Tim’s Bridge was established in 1783, when it was first named “The New Bridge”. Uncle Tim’s Bridge crosses Duck Creek and connects Hamblen Island to the central village of Wellfleet. In the 1800s Timothy E. Daniels, known as Uncle Tim, had a retail shop located right across from the bridge which bears his name to this day. Uncle Tim’s Bridge is listed on the State Historic Register.”

There is a small parking lot nearby so you can take the .5 mile walk out to the island for some spectacular views.

It’s Been Windy Here On Cape Cod!

We took a ride up to LeCount Hollow Beach in Wellfleet yesterday morning and the winds were 30+ mph. You couldn’t even get out of the car because the sand was blowing so hard.

But the waves were just gorgeous and huge! I took this photograph from inside my car looking down from the top of the dune.