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Boat Meadow Beach In Eastham On Cape Cod At Low Tide


It was such a gorgeous fall day at the beach on Cape Cod. I loved this photograph of Boat Meadow Beach at dead  low tide.

It’s a ahsort walk from our home and such a treat every time we walk there. You never know what you are going to see and are always pleasantly surprised by the beauty!

Playful Seals At The Chatham Fish Pier On Cape Cod



It was fun to watch the seals at the Chatham Fish Pier on Cape Cod. They were stalking the fishing boats that had just come in, waiting for the crew to throw some of the fish overboard.


This first photograph is of this seal just lazing around on his back, having a grand old time. The second photograph is of the seals and the seagulls fighting to get those fish that the fishermen had just thrown overboard. It was like a fishing frenzy!

White Cedar Swamp Trail In Wellfleet On Cape Cod


I love to hike the White Cedar Swamp Trail in Wellfleet on Cape Cod. It has such diversity. The best part is hiking on the boardwalk over the swamp. It is so cool.

This time of year it is not too wet, but come spring it will be a real swamp! It’s a fun place to take the whole family. Kids love it!