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Beautiful Red Berries On Cape Cod For The Holidays.

There are still a lot of red berries on the bushes and shrubs here on Cape Cod that you can see along the roads and trails while hiking. I saw these on the hike from Doane Rock to Coast Guard Beach. There were quite a few in some very tall bushes. I guess the birds have not eaten them all yet.

I thought these were so pretty, especially during the holiday season. What do you think?

Red-Bellied Woodpecker At Our Bird Bath On Cape Cod.

The call of the Red-bellied Woodpecker is so unique, you can hear it from far away. This particular Red-bellied Woodpecker always announces when he’s coming by so I can get ready! He landed on our bird bath for a drink of water.

Beautiful bird, don’t you think? I love his coloring. Have you ever heard a Red-bellied Woodpecker’s call?

Beautiful White-Tailed Deer In Our Yard On Cape Cod

Every once in a while we see some deer or other wildlife in our yard here on Cape Cod. It is such a treat! This deer was with 4 others and hung out for a while.

I guess we got pretty spoiled when we lived in Colorado with the Elk and Bighorn Sheep grazing in our yard. Sometimes they would fall asleep on our driveway. What a sight to behold.

We are thrilled when we see any wildlife here on the Cape. Last night we saw 2 huge Coyotes saunter through our yard. Maybe they’ll come sometime during the day so I can get a good photograph!

Indian Rock At Skiff Hill At Fort Hill On Cape Cod.

The light was so beautiful on the carvings at Indian Rock at Fort Hill the other day. It almost looks like dusk, but it was in the middle of the afternoon.

Indian Rock was a “community grinding rock, one of four such rocks found in the Nauset area. The Indians used the abrasive qualities of the fine-grained metamorphic rock to grind and polish implements made of stone and animal bones, such as stone axes or bone fishhooks.

Indian Rock was originally located in the mud of the marsh below where it now sits on Skiff Hill. The National Park Service moved the 20-ton boulder to this site in 1965.”

(I posted the 2nd photograph with my mitten on it so you can see the huge size of this rock. It was also a completely different day as you can see  by the different lighting.)

What history!


Nauset Light Beach On Cape Cod Is Always Beautiful!

Nauset Light Beach, part of the National Seashore, is always gorgeous and ever-changing. We stopped the other day to take a look and you can see the little sandbars that have formed at low tide.
You can also see a huge crack in the dune in the forefront of the photograph.

I wonder what Mother Nature has in store for this winter?