Baby Red-Tailed Hawk On Our Deck On Cape Cod

Thursday morning we heard a tremendous boom outside of our home  on Cape Cod just after dawn. I thought the generator had blown up. Phil came running in. When we looked out on the deck, we saw this Baby Red-tailed Hawk lying on our deck… on his back with his feet straight up in the air. We knew he was still alive because we could see him breathing. He  had hit our sliding glass door pretty hard.

We watched patiently as he slowly stood up after about 10 minutes. He looked around for over an hour and then flew off. Whew!

Thank goodness he was ok.

This photograph is just after he stood up. He looks a bit stunned, which I’m sure he was!

The Rolling Stones in Oil… On Cape Cod!

We are huge Rolling Stones fans! We first saw them in concert in the 90s in Hartford, Connecticut and then in 2006  at a huge outdoor concert. They are truly amazing!

In honor of the Stones’ new album that debuts today, Blue & Lonesome, I thought I would post our new Rolling Stones oil painting. One of our friends in Colorado does wonderful oil paintings of some amazing people including The Stones, Beethoven, Steve Jobs and many, many more. Each one is unique unto itself.

We had been admiring this particular painting of The Rolling Stones for quite a while. So, when we were about to move I said to Phil, “It’s now or never. Do we want this in our new home?” Of course we both said, “YES!” And we love it!

Great painting, don’t you think?

Pretty Day At The Beach On Cape Cod Bay

It was a glorious day at one of the pretty beaches in Eastham on Cape Cod Bay. The sun was out and the clouds were just perfect.

This is one of the many beaches in Eastham on Cape Cod Bay. It’s fun to visit them off-season because you can’t always get there during the summer months.

Pretty, don’t you think? I loved the fallish colors!

Seagull At Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod

In honor of Phil’s birthday today, I thought I’d post one of his photographs. He took this one of the Seagull on the beach in front of the waves at Coast Guard Beach in Eastham on Cape Cod.

I really like to waves in the background. What do you think?

Happy Birthday, Phil! May you have a wonderful day and enjoy all of the birds here on Cape Cod!

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