Hairy Woodpecker In Wiley Park On Cape Cod

It is such a treat to take a hike in one of the parks here on Cape Cod and hear the drilling of the Hairy Woodpecker on the trees. This Hairy was very busy at work.

I was lucky to get close enough to get a decent photograph of him.

Hairy Woodpeckers are bigger than the Downy Woodpecker with a much larger bill and clear, white unspotted outer tail feathers.

Have you ever seen a Hairy Woodpecker? Beautiful, don’t you think?

Need Help In Identifying This Lichen In Eastham On Cape Cod

There are a lot of this green lichens growing on the trees here on Cape Cod. I presume it grows so abundantly here is because of the humidity and moisture. But, when you get up close, it really is very pretty. And you see it everywhere you look.

Does anyone know what type of lichen it is?  Any help would be greatly appreciated! This photograph is really a little clump that is only a couple of inches in diameter.

Who Has The Right of Way On Cape Cod, The Fox Or me?

We were driving down the road in Orleans on Cape Cod when this Fox started running across the road. We thought it was going to cross the road and head into the thicket on the other side.

No, this Fox decided that he wanted to run right down the middle of the road for quite a while. We just followed behind…

Funny, don’t you think?

Interesting Way To Eat Lunch On Nauset Beach On Cape Cod


This Seagull was hilarious in his theatrics of eating a clam on Nauset Beach in Orleans on Cape Cod!

I was walking along the beach when this Seagull flew over my head and dropped a clam on the beach about 10 feet away. It was smashed and ready to eat. He quickly pounced on it and enjoyed his meal to the utmost as another Seagull stayed closeby, looking for any handouts. Sorry, there were none when he was finished.

I just love how he is ingesting this clam while upside down. Hilarious, don’t you think?

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