Glorious Day For A Bike Ride To Coast Guard Beach, Nauset Light And Nauset Light Beach On Cape Cod

Wednesday was a glorious day for a bike ride… anywhere on Cape Cod. It was sunny, breezy and beautiful with temperatures in the mid-sixties. Just perfect for a bike ride.

I got on the Cape Cod Bike Trail and headed out to Coast Guard Beach. I think it’s one of the prettiest rides around here. It was so nice that I continued out to Nauset Light Beach and Nauset Light. You couldn’t ask for a better day and I wondered when the next time I could do this would be with the colder weather coming.

So, this is my “selfie” at Coast Guard Beach with Nauset Marsh and the ocean in the background.

Thousands Of Shipwrecks Off Of Cape Cod


When we went to the Open House at the Coast Guard Station at Coast Guard Beach on Cape Cod last weekend, there was a poster that showed the shipwrecks off of Cape Cod, which we were told was in the thousands. Wow!

This poster is unbelievable, don’t you think? With all of the sand bars and constantly shifting sands, it was very hard to sail around Cape Cod in the early days.


The US Coast Guard Station At Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod Was Open To The Public

The Us Coast Guard Station at Coast Guard Beach was open to the public last weekend for anyone who wanted to learn some very interesting facts and take a tour of the facility. The last time it was open to the public was in 1967, so it was quite a treat to be able to go inside and see how the “Coasties” lived and worked.

This is a picture which is hanging on the wall inside the station which shows what the station used to look like with the motorized Surf Rescue Boats “on call” next door. The second photograph is of the bunk room inside.


We were told that there was a Coast Guard Station every 5 miles along the coast to help with any rescues, which there were many. The “Coasties” would each walk 2.5 miles up and down the beach which assured that every mile of the ocean was seen. There was a little shack at the 2.5 mile mark so the men could rest or get a cup of warm coffee.



Meet Ed, Our Resident House Finch Here On Cape Cod

We have had this little House Finch hanging out at our bird feeder all summer. He comes in the morning and stays for a few hours, then comes back at lunch and stays for most of the afternoon, just sitting at the bird feeder. Sometimes he faces in when he is eating and sometimes he just sits there facing out, watching all of  the action around him. He is quite endearing. And he stays forever!


Having been a Special Ed teacher for 25+ years, I knew there is something very special about this little Finch. When he flies, he spirals and zig zags instead of flying straight. When he is ready to land, he doesn’t quite know where to land…sometimes trying to land on a leaf and sometimes just falling until he catches himself. He is quite unique and adorable!

So, Phil and I named him “Ed,”  because he is very special. We spend many hours watching him and are just happy that he found a safe place to hang out with an unlimited amount of birdseed. And… a nice little bird bath to take a drink or splash around. We even got a heater for the birdbath so the birds can use it all year round!

I just wanted you to meet “Ed.” He is just precious and “one of the family!” We hope he stays with us all winter!


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