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Finally Got My New Bike Here On Cape Cod And I Love It!


I finally got my new bike here on Cape Cod and I am ecstatic! There are so many new places to ride to and explore  and the Cape Cod Bike Trail, which is right near my home,  goes for 40 miles. Each day I try to take a different route which has been so much fun!

I used to love to ride when we lived in Connecticut, but when we moved to Colorado it was so mountainous and the shoulder on the roads was tiny that I never got into biking out there. I really missed it.

So, this is such a big treat! I love it! I am having a blast!

Beautiful Orange And Black Pearl Crescent Butterfly At Fort Hill On Cape Cod

I was taking a walk at Fort Hill, looking for new birds, wildflowers and butterflies to photograph. This pretty Pearl Crescent landed on the trail right in front of me and then I saw a pair of them on a clover down the ways a bit.


Pearl Crescent butterflies are orange with black borders, scattered black markings and a wingspan of 1- 1 1/2 “. Their habitat is fields and meadows which is exactly what Fort Hill has to offer.

Pretty little butterflies, don’t you think? I had never seen this one before!

Baltimore Oriole’s Nest Way Up In A Tree In Our Yard On Cape Cod

There is a Baltimore Oriole’s nest way up in the tree in our yard here on Cape Cod. Baltimore Orioles build their hanging nests by weaving things togethe, like horse hair.


You can see the nest up close in the first photograph. In the second photograph you can see how high up the nest is. It is right in the middle of the picture above the dead branches.

Can you see it?

Beautiful Snowy Egrets On Pond By Cape Cod Bay

There were 2 Snowy Egrets in the little pond near Boat Meadow on Cape Cod Bay. They were meandering about, looking for food.

I hadn’t seen a Snowy Egret in years and I was so surprised to see his bright yellow feet. I had forgotten how spectacular his feet were!


Snowy Egrets are tall birds of about 24″ and belong to the Heron family. They are all white with long black legs and yellow feet. They have a slender black bill with lores that are yellow.

Have you ever seen a Snowy Egret? Such a beautiful bird!