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Walking Out To Nauset Spit On The National Seashore In Eastham On Cape Cod

It was a glorious day to walk out to Nauset Spit on Cape Cod from Coast Guard Station. Nauset Spit is where Nauset Beach splits and lets the water into Nauset Marsh. It is ever changing with the changing of the beach sand.

The last time we had been there was about 10 years ago before we moved to Colorado. We had paddled our kayaks out through Nauset Marsh and had a picnic in that same spot. It was so much fun.

We are definitely looking forward to getting our kayaks out next summer and paddling out to Nauset Spit for a picnic. Can’t wait!

Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod Is Pristine

We took a walk on Coast Guard Beach on the National Seashore on Cape Cod. It is truly one of the prettiest beaches that I have ever seen.

We walked all the way out to Nauset Spit which is where the water breaks through the beach and goes into Nauset Marsh. This opening changes frequently as the sand shift under the ocean water.

We turned around and looked back and could see why Coast Guard Beach was voted as one of the Top 10 Beaches in the USA! Just spectacular!

Labor Day Weekend At Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod Before The Storm

Labor Day weekend at Coast Guard Beach on Cape Cod was beautiful before the storm when they had to close the nearby beaches because of the rip tides and unsafe swimming conditions.

What a perfect way to spend Labor Day weekend!



Coast Guard Beach Crowds Will Be Gone Soon

Coast Guard Beach was crowded as everyone tried to get the last beach weather for the summer. It was so colorful with the different multi-colored umbrellas and people playing in the waves.

Perfect day on Coast Guard Beach, one of the Top 10 Beaches in the USA!!


The Lifeguards Are Ready At Coast Guard Beach In Eastham On Cape Cod


It was a gorgeous day at Coast Guard Beach in Eastham on Cape Cod on the National Seashore. And it was just voted one of the Top 10 beaches in the USA! Wow!

The lifeguards were ready and the beach was crowded. You can see the purple Shark flag is up as there have been many shark sightings in the area lately.

Soon school will be back in session and the Lifeguard  stand will be put way for the winter.