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There Are A Lot Of Seals In Nauset Marsh On Cape Cod!

We had a  wonderful paddle in our kayaks around Nauset Marsh from Goose Hummock the other day. It was  a gorgeous day, with blue skies and a nice breeze. A nice respite from the hot and humid weather that we have been having lately. (Click on blog link to see other photo.)

We saw several seals swimming in the waters near Nauset Spit, which we have seen for the past couple of years. It wasn’t until we started to paddle back via another route that we heard this very loud cacophony which sounded just like seals. As we got closer we could see a sandbar that had hundreds of seals lazing about. Wow! We were shocked… that there were so many seals there so far from the spit and not very far from Town Cove. When did that happen?

Has anyone else seen all of these seals on the marsh side of Nauset Spit?

Nauset Spit On Cape Cod Was Spectacular At Low Tide.

I love walking to the end of Coast Guard Beach. It’s a beautiful walk where you might see some nesting birds. It was low tide when we walked there last and the ripples in the sand made for such an interesting photograph.

You have Coast Guard Beach on the left and Nauset Beach way in the distance on the right. You can see the little specks of people across Nauset Spit walking on Nauset Beach.

(I took this photograph last week before Coast Guard Beach was closed because of heavy erosion.)

Fall Kayakers At Nauset Marsh On Cape Cod.

It was a perfect fall day to go kayaking at Nauset Marsh, part of the National Seashore. I loved the coloring with the sun on the tandem kayak and the deep blue water of the saltmarsh. You can see Nauset Spit in the background.

Pretty, don’t you think?