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The Dunes Have Grown On Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod.

After the last storm, we were anxious to take a walk on Coast Guard Beach. Yesterday was a gorgeous day with sunny skies and warmish temps in the 40s. Just perfect…

We were surprised to see how high the dunes had gotten as we walked down toward Nauset Spit. In front of the dunes way in the distance,  you can see a person with a dark jacket. He looks pretty small! Those dunes have grown pretty high in the past few weeks.

I wonder what surprises Mother Nature has in store for us after today’s Nor’easter?

New Dunes At Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod.

When we walked down Coast Guard Beach a few weeks ago, there was a small dune stretching part way down the beach. It was maybe 1-2 feet high and not very long. (Click on blog ink for other photo.)

Last week when we walked the beach, the dune had grown in height and length. It was almost 6 feet high and stretched quite a ways down the beach to the spit.

Have you walked Coast Guard Beach lately?

First Encounter Beach Dunes On Cape Cod.

The dunes at First Encounter look like they’ve accumulated quite a bit of sand over the winter. I don’t remember them being this steep. It must have blown in with some of the storms. You can hardly see the fence post sticking out of the sand.

Do they look a little steeper to you too?

Colorado Rockies Or Provincetown On Cape Cod?

We were driving to Provincetown yesterday morning and noticed that there was a pretty heavy coating of snow from Eastham to Provincetown. It was really pretty.

Then when we passed East Harbor the snow-covered dunes looked just like the snow-capped  Colorado Rockies! Wow! Pretty cool, don’t you think?