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Large Crab Almost Hit Me On The Head At Fort Hill In Eastham On Cape Cod

We were hiking at Fort Hill in Eastham, on the National Seashore, the other day when this huge crab landed about 6″ away from me with a loud thud. I was pretty startled. I looked up and there was a crow  who must have been having lunch when dropped it out of the tree. How bizarre. It almost hit me on the head. I have never been hit by a crab before!

The funny thing was… I had just read a story on the news about a hawk dropping a five pound fish on a lady walking down a city street and I was telling a friend that morning. This hawk was eating a fish up in a tree above her and he  must have lost his grip when it fell on her head. She got a couple of cuts and scratches. That was one big fish!

How coincidental is that? Funny or what!



Box Turtle In Our Yard Here On Cape Cod

I haven’t seen a Box Turtle in our yard since the very beginning of summer. Yesterday this Box Turtle sauntered all the way across our back yard into the woods. I wonder if he was looking for a place to hibernate for the winter.

Prior to hibernation, box turtles tend to move further into the woods, where they dig a chamber for overwintering. Eastern box turtles hibernate at depth of about 10 centimeters and frequently stay within .5 from their summer habitat.

Cute Little Bunny On The Trail At Fort Hill In Eastham On Cape Cod

This cut, little baby bunny was just munching away along on the trail at Fort Hill on Cape Cod. I did not faze him at all. He would look at me and munch away. I was so close that I had to step back to get a good photograph.


After he finished eating, he lay down on the trail to take a nap while I clicked away.

So cute, don’t you think?

Island Of Seals Off Of Coast Guard Beach In Eastham On Cape Cod

We took a walk on Coast Guard Beach in Eastham down to Nauset Spit and saw what was a huge “island of seals” not far off of the beach. There were hundreds of them. We had seen a few seals here and there along the coast but never this many. No wonder the Great White Sharks like to come nearby waters to feast.


There must be  a sandbar where they all congregate. It was low tide when we took our walk…I wonder if they are still there at high tide?