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The Beach Trail At Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod.

If you walk down Coast Guard Beach and go to the backside, you can usually follow a trail back on the marsh side of the dunes, unless the birds are nesting. This is one trail that you could use to get back on the beach.

There is now a huge drop-off of maybe 10+ feet. Wow!

Doane Rock To Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod…

I love the walk from Doane Rock to Coast Guard Beach, especially the little trail that goes right by Nauset Marsh. This time of the year the  reeds are so tall, you can hardly see the water.

The sun was so pretty shining through… what do you think?

Wiley Park Was A Beautiful Respite On Cape Cod Yesterday!

Yesterday morning was one of those days when you looked outside the window, it looked gorgeous. But when you went outside, it was frigid. The temp was 34 degrees but with 35 mph winds, it was pretty cold.

I thought a walk in the woods at Wiley Park might be a bit warmer. It definitely was, but the biggest surprise was when I got to the beach, it was secluded from the wind and was quite warm. No wind, no waves… ahhhh… perfect!