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Our Wiley Park Loop Hike On Cape Cod Is On The AllTrails App.


One of our favorite hikes in this area is at Wiley Park. It is so close to home , easily accessible and always a new adventure. A photograph of the entire hike is at the end of the blog.

You can park your car on Herringbrook Road and hike a nice 1.9 mile loop through the woods, along the shores of Great Pond and over the bridge to its attached kettle pond. It is really pretty any time of the year. There are many little off-shoot trails so you can lengthen or shorten your hike as you like.

It is a very easy hike and fun for the whole family!





Hiking The John Kenrick Woods Trail On Cape Cod Using The AllTrails App.


The John Kendrick Woods Trail in Orleans was a huge surprise hiking through the beautiful pine forest. You can make a short loop and get a little bit of elevation gain which is always fun here on Cape Cod. (You can see a full map at the end of the blog.)  If you take the 2nd loop you cross a road to get to Arey’s Pond where you can sit and relax in the bench overlooking the river.

Another really pretty hike which you can get on the AllTrails App along with many photographs which is great for the whole family.

Red Maple Swamp Trail Boardwalk At Fort Hill On Cape Cod… In Black And White Or Color?


Red Maple Trail is one of our favorite hikes here on Cape Cod. It has so much diversity. You hike through the woods, on a boardwalk over Red Maple Swamp, down to the shores to Nauset Marsh and then back through the meadows and hills at Fort Hill. It is spectacular, any time of the day and any time of the year.

I thought this photograph where the trail and the spur intersect was very interesting so I took it in black and white and in color. Which one do you like better?

Twinings Pond Trail In Orleans On Cape Cod Is On The Alltrails App.


Twinings Pond Trail is a beautiful hike in any season. It’s shaded in the summer and sheltered in the winter. The trail winds through the forest which overlooks Twinings Pond,  a kettle pond, and then forms a loop back to the beginning. It’s a wide trail and perfect for the whole family! A full map is at the end of the blog.

You can see the map that we recorded with the distance and elevation. The AllTrails App has been so much fun to use!


Nauset Marsh Trail On Cape Cod At High Tide.


You can see the water coming in pretty fast on the Nauset Marsh Trail by the Salt Pond in Eastham and there was still almost an hour until high tide. Thank goodness there is a trail up a hill that circumvents the rising water or you would be wading pretty deep.

Make sure you always check the tides if you are hiking or walking near the ocean or the marsh. You never know just how high that water will come and you don’t want to be stuck on the wrong side!