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Sharp-Shinned Hawk Enjoying Lunch In Our Yard On Cape Cod.


With all of the snow that we have been having the past few days, the birds have been everywhere in our yard…  at the feeders, in the bird bath and scrounging for dropped food on the ground. Yesterday we got home later in the  morning and there were no birds to be seen. Hmmmm… (Click on blog to see other photograph.)

As we looked out our bedroom window there, under the bush, was a Sharp-shinned Hawk enjoying a meal of one of the Mourning Doves. He was content as could be and furiously picking away at what was left.

We got our cameras out and clicked away. He was in just the right light. Notice the beady eyes… that’s why they are such great hunters. By the time he flew away, there wasn’t even a bone left, just a pile of feathers. Wow…

Juvenile Common Loon At Boat Meadow Creek On Cape Cod.


It’s always such a treat to see a new bird in the water here on Cape Cod. I’ve seen many adult Common Loons but never gotten a photograph of a juvenile. I just happened to see this guy swimming in Boat Meadow creek near the bridge on Bridge Road.

Beautiful bird, don’t you think?

Red-Breasted Merganser At Boat Meadow Creek On Cape Cod.


Yesterday Phil and I were  driving home from a  walk on Nauset Beach when I saw something out of the corner of my eye as we passed over the bridge on Bridge Road. Stop the car! I jumped out!

There, swimming and fishing in Boat Meadow Creek was a beautiful Red-breasted Merganser. I’ve been trying to get a good photograph of one all winter, so this was a huge treat.

The ripples in the water made for such a unique photograph. Gorgeous bird, don’t you think? Love his red eye, orange bill and his messy hair look!

Cute, Little Song Sparrow Getting Ready For A Bath At Our Home On Cape Cod!


We have so many different species of birds that come to our bird bath, for either a drink or a bath. They especially like it in the winter when many of the ponds and bird baths are frozen. We have a little heater in ours which keeps it from freezing, so the birds can always get a drink.

When we were building our home 3 years ago, that was one thing on our list that the electrician couldn’t quite understand. Yes, we wanted a plug out by the bird bath so we could have a heated bird bath all winter long. It’s a win, win for all of us!


Full House At Our Bluebird Feeders On Cape Cod.


It was so cold last week that the Bluebirds, and all of the other birds in our yard, couldn’t get enough to eat. I was filling our Bluebird mealworm feeders 3 times a day.

I loved this photograph with the 4 Bluebirds chowing down while 3 others sat on top patiently waiting their turn.

Adorable, don’t you think?