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Wiley Park On Cape Cod After The Blizzard

There were a lot of downed trees at Wiley Park in Eastham on Cape Cod after the blizzard. Hiking over the bridge that separates the two kettle ponds, you can see one of the trees that is leaning pretty precariously. We couldn’t take our favorite hike as there were too many trees blocking the trail.

I couldn’t decide which photograph I like better… color or black and white. What do you think?

A Snowy First Encounter Beach Parking Lot On Cape Cod In Black And White

This was such a cool photograph of First Encounter Beach in Eastham on Cape Cod after the snow storm. I loved the tire tracks and just the desolateness of it all.

I liked it in black and white. What do you think?

Stunning Black And White Photograph Of Nauset Beach On Cape Cod

The clouds were just beautiful in this black and white photograph of Nauset Beach on the National Seashore in Orleans on Cape Cod.

Sometimes black and white photographs really grab you. I loved this one.

What do you think?