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Very High Tides At The Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary On Cape Cod.

The tides on Cape Cod have been exceptionally high lately. They were really high the other day at the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary.

If you hike out on the Goose Pond Trail, there are markers that were placed there a few years ago to show people what climate change might look like if the ocean waters rise. You pass these on the way out to the beach.

We were so surprised to see how high the water was the other day when we were hiking there.  It was gushing through the culvert at Goose Pond, filling up the pond, and you could see it rising along the trail on the way out to the beach. It was about an hour until high tide and the water was already up to the 2050 marker. We’ve never seen it that high; have you?


Great Island Trail In Wellfleet On Cape Cod.

The Great Island Trail in Wellfleet is one for the whole family! There are so many variations, it’s easy to choose one, or two, that everyone will love. (Click on blog link for other photos.)

After you park at the lot, you walk down the trail until you reach the sand by the marsh which you can see in the 2nd photograph.

You can follow the trail out to Smith Tavern, Great Beach Hill or Jeremy Point, depending on which fork in the trail you take. Whichever one you take, the views are spectacular!