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Gorgeous Monarch Butterfly Still In Our Yard On Cape Cod.

This gorgeous Monarch butterfly hung around our yard most of yesterday. It might leave for a bit here and there but it always came back to feed on the white Zinnias.

Thank goodness we haven’t had a frost and I haven’t ripped out the flowers yet or it would have nothing to eat… and it’s a long way to Mexico. I just hope he got enough nourishment and survived last night’s storm to be on its way.

What a beautiful butterfly and to think it’s still here in November…

Famous CG36500 At Rock Harbor On Cape Cod

The famous CG36500 is out of the water and on the grounds at Rock Harbor. It looks like it might be waiting for some work or maybe to be moved. The past few years it has wintered at the dock at Nauset Marine by Meetinghouse Pond.

If you don’t know the story of the CG36500, it is worth doing some research as it is just amazing. If you haven’t seen the Disney movie, “The Finest Hours,” try to find it. It is an unbelievable true story of  the CG36500 rescuing the the crew from a sinking ship off of Chatham.

We are so privileged to have this boat in our harbor. It has so many stories to tell and so much local history.