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Beautiful Day For A Walk On Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod

It was a beautiful day to take a walk on Coast Guard Beach, rated one of the top ten  beaches in the USA! It is also part of the Cape Cod National Seashore.

The clouds were spectacular and there was hardly anyone around… Just Phil who was loving every second of it!

What do you think? Pretty sky and clouds?

Spectacular Sun At Boat Meadow In Eastham On Cape Cod

Phil and I took a long walk at Boat Meadow the other day when the weather was warm and glorious. The sun and the sky were so pretty. We both clicked away.

We both used our camera app and this is what we came up with. Same time, same photograph, standing in the same place… different perspective.

What do you think?? Cool?

Gorgeous Day To Hike The Salt Pond On The National Seashore On Cape Cod

It was a spectacular day to hike the Salt Pond Trail in Eastham on Cape Cod.  The skies were just beautiful and the colors amazing. We took a little detour through the woods to Doane Rock which is also very pretty.

Gorgeous colors, don’t you think?

It’s Almost Picnic Time At Boat Meadow On Cape Cod

It was a glorious day at Boat Meadow in Eastham on Cape Cod! The temperatures were in the 50s and the sun was shining brightly. Perfect day for a walk on the beach  at low tide when you can walk out for miles.

And… it’s almost time for a picnic on the beach. The benches are empty now, but not for long!

I can’t wait!