New Viewing Platform At Nauset Beach On Cape Cod

It was so nice to see a new viewing platform at Nauset Beach where Liam’s Clam Shack stood before the series of Nor’Easters crept up to its foundation this past winter. The town demolished the restaurant 2 weeks ago and has been busy bringing in tons of sand  to fill in the dunes. You can also see all of the beach grass that has been planted to help with dune erosion.

The parking lot is open. The beaches are accessible from either end and it looks like they are making lemonade out of lemons so that everyone can enjoy one of their favorite beaches, Nauset Beach, part of the National Seashore here on Cape Cod.

The Flats At Boat Meadow At Low Tide On Cape Cod Bay

I love Cape Cod Bay at low tide! It is so much fun to walk way out on the flats when you know that, in another few hours, they will be covered by water. Sometimes I even plan my walks so I can get there at low tide.

I thought this was a really pretty photograph where you can see the flats and where the water recedes at low tide.

What do you think?


Wiley Park In Eastham On Cape Cod Got Hammered By The Wind A Couple Of Weeks Ago

I was so surprised to see all of the destruction from the storm with high winds at Wiley Park. There were so many trees that had come down, either broken off half way up or totally uprooted and on its side. It was unbelievable.

These are just 2 of the many devastated trees along one of the trails, one broken off half way down and the other leaning over the trail. The numbers of trees that have been destroyed this past winter is just unbelievable. We have never seen anything like it!


Nauset Marsh On Cape Cod Is Spectacular!

The weather for Easter is for a sunny day with warmer temps which is a wonderful welcome here on Cape Cod. I loved this photograph of Nauset Marsh where you can Coast Guard Station in the background. The colors of the water and the sky were magnificent!

Wishing you all a Happy Easter and may you find a few minutes to enjoy a little bit of nature….maybe and outside Easter Egg hunt??  🙂


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