Gorgeous Day At Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod

Friday was one of the “10 best days at Coast Guard Beach, part of he National Seashore, on Cape Cod!” It was absolutely spectacular with sunny skies and temperatures in the low 70s. We couldn’t believe we were walking on the beach without even a jacket on. Unbelievable for November.

The tide was going out so we walked down to Nauset Spit, where Coast Guard Beach is separated from Nauset Beach by an ever-moving channel which leads into Nauset Marsh. It is one of my favorite beach walks. We saw so many different species of birds and lots of seals. With the bird migration in progress, there is ┬áso much to look forward to…

Cape Cod Bay At Low Tide Was Spectacular!

Every day is different on Cape Cod Bay at low tide. There sand builds up and washes away. A place where there was a little dune one day is now a gully filled with water. Every time I take a walk on the beach at low tide, it is always a new story and it never gets old.

Just beautiful, don’t you think?

Great Blue Heron Flying Over Nauset Marsh On Cape Cod

Nothing gives me more pleasure than to see a Great Blue Heron in flight. They are so majestic. There were 6 Great Blues feeding in the tall grass on Nauset Marsh on the island across from Hemenway Landing this past week.

It was quite a ways away, but still beautiful! I clicked away. What do you think?

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