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Black And White Photograph Of A Hiking Trail At Fort Hill On Cape Cod


I loved this black and white photograph of one of the hiking trails at Fort Hill in Eastham on Cape Cod. If you park in the first parking lot on the left before you go up to the overlook of Nauset Marsh, that trail will take you by these trees and on a wonderful hike through the meadows, swamps, woodlands and by the marshes.

It’s a must if you get to Fort Hill. Wonderful hike… not too long and absolutely spectacular!


Old Stone Foundation At Fort Hill On Cape Cod

There is a really cool stone foundation at Fort Hill in Eastham on Cape Cod. I’ve looked on the internet to see what it was for but haven’t come up with anything, other than the countryside was used for agriculture back in the day. Maybe this was an old house on the property?

You can see the foundation to the right as you walk back down from the top of Fort Hill overlooking Nauset Marsh. As you  hike around Fort Hill and across the meadows, you can see the many old stone walls that were used for farming way back when.

Do you know what the foundation at Fort Hill was?

The Song Sparrows Are Singing Away On Cape Cod

Ths Song Sparrows are back and singing away on Cape Cod. I saw this little guy in the bush at Fort Hill in Eastham by the Nauset Marsh. His music was so melodic.

Wishing you all a beautiful Easter and hope you can get outside in nature for a little bit today and enjoy all its beauty. Maybe you will hear a Song Sparrow singing to you too!

Gorgeous Day To Hike Fort Hill In Eastham On Cape Cod


It was a glorious day for a hike at Fort Hill in Eastham on Cape Cod. The sun was shining, the skies were blue and the clouds were breath-taking.

You can take a long hike or a short hike, a hike through the swamps, a hike through the trees, a hike through the meadows or a hike along the spectacular marshes.

And if you don’t want to take a hike or a walk, you can park your car at the top of Fort Hill and take in some of the most spectacular views on Cape Cod!