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Doane Rock To Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod…

I love the walk from Doane Rock to Coast Guard Beach, especially the little trail that goes right by Nauset Marsh. This time of the year the  reeds are so tall, you can hardly see the water.

The sun was so pretty shining through… what do you think?

Doane Rock In Eastham, Massachusetts on Cape Cod


Doane Rock is a glacial rock located in Eastham, MA in Cape Cod National Seashore. It is the largest exposed boulder on Cape Cod. It stands 18 feet high and extends below the ground an estimated 12 feet.

This boulder is named after Deacon John Doane, one of Eastham’s original settlers. The rock was left by the glaciers (18,000-12,000 years ago) between the Salt Pond Visitors Center and Coast Guard Beach.

There are also lots of great picnic tables to enjoy that delicious outdoor lunch!  This is one of my favorite picnic locations on Cape Cod, right next to Doane Rock.