Great Blue Heron Fishing At Rock Harbor On Cape Cod


I’ve seen this Great Blue Heron fishing at low tide at Rock Harbor several times. He makes quite a squawk as he flies onto the muddy shore. And there he stands, ready to get the pickings in the nearby waters.

The Great Blue Heron is my very favorite bird. He is such a magnificent creature!


Colorful Ermine Moth Feasting On The Goldenrod On Cape Cod


As I was taking a hike around Fort Hill in Eastham on Cape Cod, I noticed this colorful insect feeding on the Goldenrid by the side of the trail. It was so colorful and so pretty. I clicked away, not having any idea what it was.

It is an Ermine Moth with its wings folded up. As I researched this moth, I learned that they are brightly patterned with a smooth head and considered a pollinator. They are fairly common in this area. I had never seen one before. Have you?

Lots of Surfers At Coast Guard Beach On Cape Cod



The wind was up and the waves were good for all of the surfers at Coast Guard Beach, part of the Cape Cod National Seashore, on Cape Cod. The forecast was for a high surf advisory. So, the waters were packed with surfers and they were ready to catch that perfect wave!